“Ms. Quinn, Ms. Johnston's mosaic art is magical
                                                 — Violet (Grade 2 student)

Questions and Comments  Children, (from Kindergarten to grade 5) unfiltered, during my Magic of Mosaics Workshop:)
"WOW!!!, did you make that?"

"You're a really, really, really good artist"
"Author, can you help me?"

"I love you"
"BYE Carol!"
One of my all time favourites - at the end of a visit the teacher asked if there were any questions. A girl, from a JK/SK class, put up her hand and asked, "what colour is your car?" I smiled and told her it was black.



“Thank you so much for coming to our school today. Your artwork is stunning. What a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about mosaic art and the process of designing and publishing your beautiful book. We hope you will visit us again —  Staff and Students (Selwyn PS, Toronto).


Grade 5 class  at Selwyn PS, Toronto

“Our grade 1s and grade 2s were fortunate to have artist/author Karen Johnston visit over a two day span. She captured their attention with a reading of her book, Six Owls and a Party, and engaged them with her mosaic pieces. They loved seeing how she made the pages in the book - the tools, the glass pieces, the buttons and jewels, and the process from beginning to end. Karen then encouraged the students to give mosaics a try using coloured paper. Each student attempted this challenge differently and the results were so unique. When we returned to the classroom, all the students were motivated to continue their art.  They wanted to quickly complete their other work in order to get back to their owls. Thank you, Karen, for introducing a new form of art to our students that showcases creativity.” 
— Joyce Tam (Grade 2 teacher, Sawmill Valley PS, Mississauga)

“Karen Johnston inspired our kindergarten and grade 1 classes with her Magic of Mosaics presentation. Students enjoyed listening to Six Owls and A Party while gazing first hand at the mosaics used in her book. Students loved the experience of looking at Karen’s artwork, the highlight however was learning about mosaics through touch. The ability for students to touch Karen's designs and feel the various textures created by the many types of tesserae used in her creations provided students with a truly unique and memorable experience. Thank you Karen for making the long drive and sharing your talents with us; we had a wonderful time!”
—  Patty Horack (teacher, John McCrae PS, Guelph) 

“My small upper elementary class were delighted to meet a "real artist and author". Karen used her children's book, Six Owls and A Party, to invitethe children into the world of mosaics. My students really enjoyed seeing some of Karen's mosaic pieces firsthand. It inspired the children to work on a collaborative piece using mosaics. Karen lead the work with patience and clarity. Afterwards many of my students remarked that they would like to author children's books someday. I would highly recommend Karen Johnston's "Magic of Mosaics" workshop for your class.”—  Erika Lacey (teacher at Children's House Montessori School, Port Perry)

“I was thrilled to have Karen Johnston join my busy Kindergarten class. Karen read her children's book Six Owls and a Party as a read aloud andinspiration for the children to make their own mosaic art. The students were engaged and worked to develop new skills as artists that Karen had demonstrated to them. Karen was organized and lead the students through every step as they completed their mosaics. The students can't wait to get their own copy of "Artist Karen's" book.”—  Cheryl Corby (FDK Teacher at Dr. S. J. Phillips PS, Oshawa)