“In summary, children learn best when they
can play, explore the world and interact with
adults and peers”
                    — Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning, 2007

SCHOOL VISITS  (at a glance).

What is it?: A 1-1.5hr interactive hands-on mosaic workshop (with a Mosaic Artist) designed, for JK/SK - grade 12 students,
introduce them to the Art of Mosaics.

What does it look like?: It begins with a reading of my picture book, Six Owls and A Party, made with mosaicked illustrations, followed by a short discussion about being an author and an illustrator; where I work, how I work, the tools I use and how I use them. The children are able to touch (and feel) original mosaic pieces and use real tools. As well, they learn some new mosaic related words (nippers, tesserae, andamento). The workshop ends with the children making their own mosaic creations. The layout is supplied along with construction paper, scissors and glue. The children are encouraged to be mosaic artists - "there are no rules, you are the artist"One of the many learning outcomes behind this activity is to gain a better understanding of the amount of work (a lot!) that goes into creating a mosaic, from cutting the many pieces to putting them in place (one piece at a time).

For more information (booking visits and pricing) please contact me.

My Philosophy for teaching is based on the Reggio Emilia approach which views children as unique, naturally curious and creative individuals, capable of building their own knowledge. It is a child-centred, play based approach that encourages social interaction, co-operation and problem solving. The teacher acts as collaborator, guiding rather than leading. The environment is comfortable, open and welcoming. It is rich in ideas, activities, materials and tools that allow children to make discoveries through play and exploration. An environment that reflects unique personalities, cultural diversity, varied developmental needs and the teacher's creative abilities, is one that will foster healthy emotional development while setting a strong foundation for the later years.

School visit mosaic workshop
school mosaic workshop
school mosaic workshop
school mosaic workshop
school mosaic workshop


Children's House Montessori School (Port Perry), Dr. S. J. Phillips PS (Oshawa), Sawmill Valley PS (Mississauga), Ormiston PS (Whitby), John McCrae PS (Guelph), Saint Mary Elementary School (Brampton), Cardinal Newman Catholic Elementary School (Brampton), Armour Heights Public School (Peterborough), Queen Victoria Public School (Lindsay), Saint Bernadette Elementary School (Mississauga), Fernforest Public School (Brampton), Terry Fox Public School (Brampton), Humbervale Montessori School (Etobicoke), McLaughlin Public Library (Oshawa), Trafalgar Castle School (Whitby), Ryerson Public School (Cambridge),  Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic School (Toronto), Devins Drive Public School (Aurora), Our Lady of Victory School (Toronto), St. Pius X (Toronto), Hewson Public School (Brampton), Selwyn Public School (Toronto)

I am currently a member of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.